1.3 PhD Programs

Students who have passed the examinations at the end of the IMBS Master (UBA) program with good or excellent results may qualify for direct admission to a PhD project in the same research group as they have completed their Master's thesis. Admission is only possible to the first segment of the program (IMBS Master), not directly to the PhD program.

Members of the IMBS Program closely cooperate with other PhD programs of the Speman Graduate School SGBM and a number of other interdisciplinary doctoral programs, collaborative research centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche, SFB) and a variety of seminars and courses in the collaborating programs and centers are open to the IMBS PhD students.

The PhD program emphasizes independent research carried out by the students. PhD students select two faculty members as their PhD committee, who closely monitors progress and advises the students with regard to their research project.

During the PhD program, the student attends additional seminars/courses which are suitable with respect to her/his special area of study:

  • special lectures and active participation in seminars
  • active participation in teaching
  • active participation in a scientific meeting

For examples of courses and activities offered as part of the PhD curriculum see SGBM.

At the end of the PhD program, a doctoral thesis is submitted either in the traditional format, or as a collection of scientific publications in internationally recognized journals along with a general introduction and discussion of the results.

The degree of a "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.) or, alternatively, "Doctor of Natural Sciences" (Dr. rer. nat.) will be awarded by the insitution responsilbe for the PhD Program following the successful defense of the doctoral thesis.

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