2.2.1 VISA

VISA requirements are important without the correct VISA you will not be able to start the Msc. Program

If you are admitted to this program please contact first the IMBS office in Buenos Aires: imbs(at)ffyb.uba(dot)ar
You will get information on all documents needed for your Argentinian Student Visa and Entry Permit. Each country has its own requirements to enter Argentina.

  • If you need an Entry Permit, the Argentinean Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry will ask for it on your behalf.
    Therefore the Faculty will ask for a complete scan of your Passport (also scan of the cover and back cover of your Passport, and also all the white pages), and a reservation in a Hotel/Hostel/Shared Apartment (we need an address to ask for the Entry Permit).
  • Once the Argentinean Consulate received the Entry Permit, you will be able to proceed your Student Visa at the appropriate Consulate.

Please contact the Argentinean IMBS office: imbs(at)ffyb.uba(dot)ar to be informed about the documents needed for your Argentinean Student Visa.

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