International Milstein-Köhler Program in Biomedical Sciences

What is the IMBS?

Since 2008 the International Master Program in Biomedical Sciences - The Milstein-Koehler-Program - is a joint program between the University of Freiburg and the Faculties of Medicine, and Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. So far in these fruitful four years we have had 45 graduates from more than ten different countries (Argentina, Germany, Brasil, USA, Mexico, Nigeria, Colombia, Chile, Ukraine, India and Indonesia). These students have different backgrounds and are graduated in Medicine, Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Biochemistry. The main aim is to offer a Master Program of Excellency and create a center of excellence in the biomedical sciences in Latinamerica.

The program consists of a two year master course, carried out in Buenos Aires and Freiburg. The language instruction is English. All of our students have continued in a PhD Program or have achieved attractive positions in academia or industry.

As a new develpoment, the IMBS "Summer School" was developed into a Diploma of Advanced Studies Program of the Albert-Ludwigs-University / Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW), which allowed the presentation of these Diplomas for the first time to the Class 2013 students.

In 2013 an integrated Executive Program for a Certificate (10 CP) or a Diploma (30 CP) of Advanced Studies in Biomedical Sciences was launched as a cutting-edge multidisciplinary International Milstein-Köhler Program in Biomedical Sciences.

In view of these developments the IMBS-Master program scope has been expanded to become the International Milstein-Köhler Program in Biomedical Sciences.

Further information about the individual parts of the program, you will find here: ==>


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